Staying Motivated

Yes, I’ve been gone for quite a while, but I’m back!  I’ve been dealing with a lot of frustrating life events and having to navigate my way through the processes of organizations’ systems that just don’t work efficiently, resulting in a lot of my time being unnecessarily consumed.  These types of difficulties and challenges can really get a person down.  So, how do we stay motivated in a world such as this? Two words; stay positive!


Staying positive is essential, no matter what comes our way! How we handle life’s stressors and challenges is up to us.  Something is only a crisis if we deem it so. What do I mean? If I set my mind to do something, then I go for it, and it doesn’t pan out, I can’t look at it as a fail and emotionally fall to pieces.  Instead I must assess what didn’t work and refine my process. Could I have put more time and effort into my project? Did I network hard enough? Could I have expanded the scope of my project?  Did I tap into all of my available resources (e.g. family, friends, old colleagues, alumni etc.)? Whatever it is that we set our minds to do, if it doesn’t go as planned, it is only a fail if we stop trying to make it a success.


How about those life ups and downs? Home stress, work stress, friendship issues; we love our family and friends but they can be trying.  Then there’s rising prices, rising crime, and politicians still makings empty promises.  Meanwhile the neighbor’s weeds are encroaching on our lawn, another neighbor’s dog takes a poop at the end of our driveway, and to top it all off, in-laws came to visit and have worn out their welcome.  Whatever it is, all that aggravation can really knock us for a loop!


Stay motivated with all that going on? How in the world can positivity be obtained and motivation maintained? To obtain positivity, as situations arise we must learn to react to them in a conducive manner.   For instance, if I find myself at an appointment and its taking forever to be seen, instead of getting really frustrated, I can take the time to get a little work done or strike up a conversation with someone nearby.  It’ll not only lighten the mood but will also make the time go a little faster.  Or, say I just lost my job and hiring prospects look grim.  Instead of getting down and out, I look at it as an opportunity to start my own small business. Then go about seeing what business I can start with little startup, utilizing skillsets I’ve already acquired. How about the loss of a loved one? Now that can be really tough.  I recall when I suffered the loss of my mom.  It was really a tough time but instead of staying sad or going into a depression, another family member and I opted to celebrate her life by playing her favorite tunes, cooking some meals using her recipes, looking at family pics, and buying her favorite perfume to remember her scent.  We turned sadness into memories of laughter just as she would have wanted it.  Staying positive has even been shown to improve overall health by reducing risk of heart disease, healthier weight levels, lower blood pressure etc. (National Institute of Health, 2015).


Staying positive is one thing, but how do we maintain motivation, that drive of inspiration that keeps us all going?  There are quite a few things we can do to stay charged so we can continue to forge forward. Let’s explore a few of them.


Get organized. This is crucial.  Wherever we work or live having things in their proper place just makes life less complicated. An uncluttered space is an uncluttered mind, and helps those creative juices flow. In addition, it saves time and frustration as we do not constantly have to look for things we need or get angry when we can’t find something. This is doubly so if our home space is also our workspace.  In this case, we need to dedicate an area of our home specifically for work; be it a home office, a corner desk in the kitchen or living room.  We need to organize that space to include documents we use. Categorize the documents and place them in folders (on the computer and or in a locked filing cabinet). We should be able to place our hands on anything we need at a moment’s notice (e.g. upcoming meeting notes, tax docs, coupons etc.). In addition, we should place some pictures in our workspace and around the home that motivate us, e.g. pics of our kids, pets, print outs of inspirational sayings, or a goal we are working towards).


Treat yourself. Treating oneself doesn’t have to break the bank.  We can use small treats to reward ourselves for minor milestones or goals we accomplish. This could include ice cream, walks in the park, dinner at our favorite restaurant, or making a favorite meal/desert. Catch a movie with a friend or loved one or treat ourselves to a spa day. If money is tight opt for a self-spa day by soaking in the tub with candles, bath salts, and a self “pedi” and “mani.”


Listen to music. Music has the ability to uplift, motivate, and rid one of tension.  To get the day going on the right foot or after a rough day, there is nothing like playing a great song to unwind and enhance our mood. If musically inclined, playing an instrument or singing a lovely melody can work wonders.  Research shows that the effects of music on the brain includes a host of benefits to include but is not all inclusive of, stress relief, pain reduction, and memory improvement (Bradley and “Your Brain on Music”).  So the next time we need a little pick me up, all we “gotta” do is turn on our favorite tunes and let the music do what it do.


Tune out!  Sometimes in order to stay motivated and focused on our goals, we must turn off the boob tube, social media and that darn cell phone!  In efforts to recharge the human mind, it needs to be unplugged from all stressors and distractions.  Take a day off from constantly checking texts, emails, tweets, trolling the web, and watching nonsense on T.V. This includes the “no news.”  Turn it all off and exhale.  I assure you, every bit of it will still be there when you turn those ball and chain devices back on.


Take periodic breaks. This is especially true if we work from home.  We must never forget to take a short break and rejuvenate ourselves.  Go for a quick walk around the block. Don’t have that kind of time or not your speed?  Instead opt for some fresh air in the back yard or apartment balcony while sipping on our favorite beverage.  Breathe and de-stress the mind. We can even visit our home garden or houseplants and give them some love. Whatever we choose to do we need to make sure it’s relaxing, a true mini mind break before jumping back into the many tasks we have to juggle.


Wear a motivational t-shirt or other motivational attire/accessories.  If we look good, we feel good. Let’s shake off those blues with a comfy motivational tee that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Embrace and find strength in your faith. Nothing and no one motivates, strengthens and inspires like the Words of our Creator.  I have a few of my favorite motivating Scripts I’d like to share with you.


“But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which Elohim has prepared for them that love Him,” 1 Cor 2:9, KJV.  Ah, bliss…


“Elohim is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;

Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah,” Ps 46:1-3, KJV. Now that’s powerful! We know that no matter what comes our way, the Creator is our refuge, strength and very present help.


Lastly, my absolute favorite, “Cause me to hear Thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in Thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto Thee,” Ps 143:8, KJV. Embracing my faith is truly the most important tool I use to stay positive, motivated and sane. By embracing your faith, I hope that you too can find positivity and motivation.

Check out this sassy t-shirt inspired by my faith.


So what’s the takeaway here? We need to give ourselves some slack. The times we live in truly demand it.  Staying positive and finding ways to remain motivated is crucial for our mental health and productivity. “A merry heart does good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones,” Prov 17:22 KJV. Stay positive, stay motivated, stay spiritually and physically healthy.


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Faith is Key