If you are not happy with your life change it. We have all been given this gift called life from our great Creator. So why not live that life in a meaningful, fulfilling way? Most of us are just going through the motions of life. Day in and day out, punching in and out of a meaningless 9 to 5 daily grind.  If you absolutely love what you do in your 9 to 5 then HalleluYAH!  I aint mad at ya; love what you do and do it well.  However, if you are miserable and feel that what you are doing is meaningless, I have a big question for you; why are you still there?


Please pause before you respond and really think hard before you answer. Let’s ponder the most common excuses:


    1. I need my job because it pays the bills.
    2. I have kids in college & their tuition aint no joke!
    3. I’ve never worked for myself before.
    4. I wouldn’t know where to start.
    5. I hate my job but being on my own is really scary.


Okay, okay I hear ya. Yet what if you thought like this instead:


    1. I need a meaningful job that pays all the bills.
    2. Can my kids get jobs and help offset their tuition?
    3. Working for myself or in a partnership with someone I trust would be awesome!
    4. Let me put in the time to discover the first steps needed to make this happen.
    5. I hate my job. I’m gonna buck up and determine how to start making changes towards something greater today!


In order to make dreams realities, we must turn off the negative thoughts and insinuate the positive ones. Let us remember, “As he thinks in his heart so is he…” Prov 23:7.  Let us purge the negative thoughts and voices of the “nay sayers” right out of our hearts! Then we must determine what we are really good at and tap into those skill sets. We must ask ourselves, what do I really love doing and how can I use that to make good money? In today’s technological world, there are no excuses for not knowing how to do something. There is a plethora of information right at our fingertips just waiting to be viewed. We have only to put down the chips, candy, and cookies, turn off the boob tube and get to work making our dream a meaningful reality.  After all, “It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela.